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Instant Pop-Up Tents

Versatile & Portable
  • Instant canopy is exceptional for indoor or outdoor use
  • Instant foldable tents
  • Easy & Fast setup/takedown
  • Waterproof roof / adjustable legs
  • Superior quality, rust resistant frame
  • Easy storage
  • Special events / Trade shows
  • Weddings / Garden parties
  • Day markets / Storage
  • Automotive display / Construction
  • Rain or shade cover for outdoor work
  • Sports events and much, much more...


Fast and Easy Pop-up Tent Installation

1. Place the frame on the ground.  Two persons then hold the frame (legs) and spread it out to half size.
2. Cover the top over the frame.  Attach the top to the frame by matching the velcro tape on the four corners of the top to the velcro tape on the four legs.
3. Two persons hold the X truss on the opposite sides and expand it until it touches the eaves of the top.
4. Step on the leg pad and lift up the outer leg until the snap buttons lock.  Repeat the same process with the other legs.
5. Fold the corner eaves of the top in half.  Step on the pad and push the X truss upward until the snap button on the leg locks.  Repeat the same process with other corners.
6. Unfold the corner eaves and tie the strings to the legs tightly.  Raise the frame to the desired height by extending the telescoping legs.  Use the pegs and ropes when it is windy.

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